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Olly Murs Kicks Off UK Tour in Glasgow!


Former X Factor contestant, Olly Murs kicked off his 2017 UK tour at The SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow last Friday night. The first of two sold out shows in Glasgow, I was lucky enough to bag a couple of tickets for opening night which both my Mum and I were extremely excited about! Having loved Olly’s music since day one we’d always wanted to see him live and thanks to SSE we finally had the opportunity!

Supported by a DJ set from Clyde 1’s George Bowie to kick off the evening, Olly took to the stage around half past 8. The show started off with a bang as the house lights faded and a countdown appeared on two large screens, seconds later Olly emerged to warm reception from an adoring crowd. Greeting the excitable Glasgow crowd, he immediately  broke into the hit single You Don’t Know Love which served as great opening to the show.

Throughout the evening Olly preformed a number of songs from his recent album ’24 Hrs’ including one of my personal favourites; the extremely upbeat and cheerful Grow Up which features that much-loved ‘Olly Murs’ sound. This was followed by a selection of other tracks from the new album including Back Around, Years & Years as well as a ballad called Flaws which saw the arena illuminated with phone torchlights resembling twinkling stars in the night sky.

As well as new additions from Olly’s latest album, there’s no forget the old favourites; the crowd pleasers. The set list featured everything from Dear Darlin’, which Olly reckons would fit perfectly into the ’24 Hrs’ album had the song be written today; Heart Skips A Beat, Troublemaker and Up the duet feel good duet featuring american pop star Demi Lovato which one just can’t help but fall in love with! However, my very favourite performance of the night was without a doubt one of his earliest hits Dance With Me Tonight, a fabulous pop song with a real swing vibe. The fun-loving atmosphere during this one was infectious, not that I really need any encouragement!

An exciting surprise for a first timer like myself was the medley of disco pop hits including covers of That’s The Way I Like It by The KC Sunshine Band as well as Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop The Feeling. Being such a big fan of the disco genre myself, this was without a doubt another highlight for me! At this stage everyone was asked to put their phones away and just enjoy themselves; it was truly wonderful to look around the room and see that almost everyone had obliged besides a few exceptions. A refreshing sight indeed! It was a fun and vibrant performance; everyone was up on their feet dancing and evidently having a blast! It was apparent that Olly was loving it just as much as the audience as he spent the duration of the medley energetically dancing his way around the stage.

The show on a whole was filled to the brim with energy and made for a great night out for those on in attendance. It was great to see a full band complete with a brass section playing tirelessly alongside Olly; something that is extremely important to me as an onlooker. Olly himself is without a doubt a true entertainer; his renowned charisma shines as he performs and is evident in how he connects with the audience. Everything from the jokes, to the dancing and at one stage he bravely exited the safety curtain of the stage parading through the audience and greeting fans in the process; it’s clear that he genuinely loves what he does! A feel good night for all ages, one can’t help but leave the arena with a smile upon their face!

If you’re heading out to one of Olly shows in the coming weeks or plan on catching him later this year as he embarks on a Summer tour be sure to let me know down below in the comments section! And why not let me know what’s your favourite Olly Murs track!


The Big ReLaunch

Welcome to the relaunch of Jukebox Rhapsody a music blog that I previously ran for a short period to share my love for music with the world. Throughout my time blogging on both the earlier edition of Jukebox Rhapsody and my personal blog The Hat Hippie I have always expressed my love and passion for music and this has only grown over the years. 

I have learnt a lot about the power of music and as well as the music industry which at the present day is somewhat in a state of turmoil. As mentioned before, I’ve spoken to many people on this subject and read many articles about it. I wanted to do something about it from my little corner on the internet so I felt it only right that I take a new path and relaunch an old project which at the time I couldn’t give the time to. Today it feels right and I feel ready to move forward with it. 

This time around I want to focus more on what’s going on in the music industry, gig guides , hopefully album reviews and I particularly want to promote unknown, indie artists. I want Jukebox Rhapsody to become the home of up and coming artists and way of letting the world hear amazing music. 

Unfortunately, the music industry is stuck in a rut. In my opinion there is the odd few that really stand out from the crowd. We need music that is unique and different and there are so many artists out there fighting for a chance; fighting to be noticed. How many incredible artists are there that have simply slipped through the loop hole? Perhaps they could have been the next big thing but just not given the chance. I want to give as many bands and singers a chance and although I’m starting small I hope that it’ll grow over time and might help make an impact in the industry. Well at least that’s my aim anyway.

That’s why I need your help! I need you guys to help me share these posts and help get the word out about the artists I share with you. We’re all in this together aren’t we? 

If you’re a band, singer or musicain looking to get your music out there please do get in touch as I’d love to feature you on the site. Please include links to your music so that I can have a listen, social media accounts/website and any necessary information about your music career. You can find all contact details via the contact page above.

I also would love to feature any new artists on my radio show on 3TFM so if you’d like to send in any music to play live on air please do get in contact with any music files you’d like me to play via email. Please bear in mind that all music played live on radio must be appropriate for all ages as I try to cater to a varied audience. So please be aware on strong language and mild themes that may be featured in your music as unfortunately I won’t be able to play it.

Anyway, I look forward to moving on with Jukebox Rhapsody and hope that together we can make a change in today’s music industry. I genuinely believe there’s still hope to break through the mould and bring back good music!