A major music fanatic, Scottish blogger and radio DJ Robyn Sneddon better known as ‘The Hat Hippie‘ has enjoyed sharing her love for music with the world through a number of blog posts and videos. After bringing the initial ‘Jukebox Rhapsody’ to a close to focus on her main blog, Robyn developed a strong interest for the music industry and feels passionate about supporting indie bands to get their music out into the world. The music industry is a tough business and unfortunately, talented musical gems goes unnoticed each and every day. With this in mind, Robyn felt that it was time to relaunch ‘Jukebox Rhapsody’ with a new outlook and direction. So as 2017 begins ‘Jukebox Rhapsody’ is reborn, full of life and ready to introduce you to a entire world of new music.

One of the main aims of blog is to shine light on unknown bands and artists and hopefully build a platform to help them and their music get noticed. However, we do NOT want to turn our backs on the classics and in turn want to also celebrate and reminisce about the music that’s made chart history. There is without a doubt a place for absolutely everything on ‘Jukebox Rhapsody’ whether it’s old or new; as long as it’s good that’s all that matters!

‘Jukebox Rhapsody’ will naturally develop and take new directions as time goes on; however the aspiration of sharing the love of music will never fade. If you’re a band or artist with music to share please do get in touch as it would be a pleasure to feature you on the site. Whether your music is rock, pop, reggae or blues; it’s all got it’s special place in the world and there’s bound to be potential listeners out there so let’s help them find you!

Together, let’s get the music industry back on track! Let’s get the music shops filled with people buying physical copies of their favourite albums and checking out new artists. Wouldn’t it be great to see real competition in the charts once again?! And wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the return of TV shows where everyone tunes in to see real bands perform their latest music live! It is in fact very possible but we need to get things moving and show the world that music can dominate once again!

So hop on board, enjoy the ride and together let’s celebrate the world of music and discover our next favourite band!

Welcome to ‘Jukebox Rhapsody’ my friends!


Celebrating the world of music & discovering new artists!